That's not how that's pronounced.

On my way to lunch (team lunch...ughhhh) we walk past a *macaron* (edited because, I added an extra O and there is obvs a difference and I feel like we are losing sight of the real story here people!!!!! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) shop. Two girls (young women? Hard to tell) are outside looking in the window. » 3/27/15 2:49pm Friday 2:49pm

Los Angeles GTers: I need advice!

Soooo. I am going to be traveling to LA in May and for part of the trip we will be staying in hotel (downtown—whatever that means) that my bf's job is paying for and for the other part, I am looking at Airbnb. The problem is, since neither of us has ever been to LA, we don't really know the various neighborhoods. I… » 3/25/15 12:03pm Wednesday 12:03pm